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What to say about me? I am addicted to phone sex for sure. The thrill of listening to a man in my ear knowing he is so close to ultimate pleasure ... I am a bit of brat, a lot of trouble, and sheer bliss if you are lucky enough. I happen to have a knack for getting in your head and staying there. Come follow me, play with me, and get to know me~

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The New Year

I've decided to put all my research to good use in the upcoming year. Let's face it I am addicted to sex. In any form. One on One, group, masturbation, and mindblowing phone sex. So obviously hving had sex and being obsessed with it not only do I try what I hear I research. I read everything! Other people's blogs, articles, books basically anything I can get my hands on. So I came across a book about blow jobs. Now hello if you've ever spoken to me you know I am obsessed with having a cock in my mouth. Sucking, licking, swallowing, nibbling, you name it. I don't know if I can accurately describe the pleasure I get from feeling a cock go from soft to hard in my hand, against my face, on my tongue and in my mouth. I mean my panties are instant liquid when I know I am going to have that gorgeous cock in my mouth. The taste right there on my cute little tongue. Pure delight for not only myself of course but that fucking lucky dick sliding between my lips. See now I am excited and I want to walk over to my neighbors right now and get on my knees and service that cock exactly how he likes it.

Funny thing about that tho, he actually thinks he is the lucky one. As if he is in control. Silly silly man! My mouth, my fingers, the palm of my hand, my spit ... that is what controls that cock. The pleasure is amazing to me. I don't even need to push my finger between my lips because my own pussy is already swollen and aching and feeling pleasure. Insane I know but oh so amazing.

Anyway the whole reason for the post is that starting in January each week I will try out a new technique or position I've learned and blog about it here. Also if my partner is willing pictures will be posted seeing that gorgeous cock covered in my spit and his cum!! So keep checking back or of course CALL ME and we can get off together! 888-479-9225 x 707

Vixen V

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pushed to my limit

I know this will sound like bragging but the truth is I am damn good at phone sex. I am a mind fuck extraordinaire. I can get into your head and make you want what I want with very little convincing. I can take a person's fantasy and twist it so it is just what I want. However what I cannot stand is a man who will just continually lie to me. Here is the thing it's phone sex people. Phone sex means you can be and do whatever you want. So why lie? To make yourself feel better? You are paying me so you will get MOSTLY what you want from me. LOL I mean I am selfish so I like to fuck with your head and turn it into what I want. I won't ever lie about that or apologize for it. Alas I am back to my rant tho. Do not lie to me. If you need to lie about who you are, your character, then by all means CALL SOMEONE ELSE!

I can be so many different things in your ear. I can giggle, moan, scream beg, plead and my favorite ORGASM right into your ear. I can send you dirty texts, dirty photos, call and leave steamy hot messages, but only if you are honest with me because if you aren't then we are done.

You know who you are and why I posted this but if anyone else wants to know the sordid details just call me. I will give you the details and then we will both have a good laugh and an amazing Orgasm.

Come on don't you want me inside your head to?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Small In Panties

So last night as I was laying in bed I got a message from Small in Panties. He was desperate for me to go and look at his pathetic pictures of his tiny dick. I mean seriously as I read his message I could here him practically crying and begging in my ear. Please please please humiliate me is always his mantra. That need to be called out is so strong in him. Its pathetic and annoying really and yet here I am giving him exactly what he wants. So listen up Farm Boy ... Your cock will never satisfy a woman and not just because its small but because the truth is Women DO NOT TURN YOU ON. You get hard from the thought of being forced to suck off other men. Having to clean their cocks after they've been with a strong woman who forces you to watch. Again I repeat you are not into women but the COCKS they've taken. So for anyone who actually reads this and wants an ok average dick you should message him. Let him be your pathetic fluffer. Prove to him once and for all he truly is into MEN not Women and save me the hassle.

Now on to the real men. I am home, horny and looking to play so call me!! 888-479-9225 x 707

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Properly Chastised

A certain sexy businessman pointed out I haven't made a post in awhile. So here I am ... after a nice orgasm last night I went to bed with a smile on my face. I am getting to know someone new and he is very interesting. I intend to continue exploring and learning more and more ... So it starts with a sexy little strip tease. Me in my little black dress and he seated in the chair with his sexy bedroom eyes just waiting to watch my body move. I begin with a little swivvle in my hips, a slow teasing dip as I bend down to the floor and a shy little smile as I slowly take one strap down ... The thing is I am not sure who is honestly getting hotter, myself or my businessman. I can see the hunger and lust in his eyes but I can also feel the wet spot on my panties as I squeeze my thighs together. I can see him shift in the chair as I begin to sway and dance closer to him but can he see my nipples in their tight little beaded points? Can he hear my breath cathcing as I go down and spread my knees wide? LOL its never a good time it seems to blog! My girlfriend Christy just got here so I will have to finish up later~

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finding my phone partner ...

It's been a long time since I've posted anything and everyone always says that writing it down can be very therapeutic so here I go ... I haven't always been a nice girl, the good girl, the girl you would want to be friends with. I am a lot selfish, crazy spoiled and really really moody at times. This is one of those times ...

My boyfriend and I broke up. Huge messy dramatic fight I assure you and as I was laying in bed this morning I realized it wasn't him I missed it was the ORGASMS. I miss that feeling, that desperate need and hunger inside as you feel it building and building. So this morning as I was longing to be stretched and filled I went to the drawer. Ah the wonder drawer full of hope and promise. What should I play with ... nipple clamps the ones that vibrate or the weighted ones? A dildo perhaps or a vibrator? Should I be crazy and use my anal beads or Ben wah balls? The choices are endless and left me frustrated. All I was looking for today was a really kick ass ORGASM.

So I closed the drawer slightly let down and sat back on the bed. My mirror is angled in such a way that I could just watch as I was tracing my lips through my panties. Nothing like getting your own juices flowing. As I begin to wiggle out of my panties, panting and aroused I looked at the phone. Wishing someone would call me. What's happened? Where are all the horny men who used to tie up my phones for hours? I need that voice on the other end of the line.

That feeling of knowing someone is listening just as hot and aroused as you are. So where are you? Why don' t you pick up your phone and call me as well? My fingers would be so happy to have direction ... My body aches for the excitement of hearing you just as close as I am so do it pick up the phone, call me order me back to my bedroom and off this computer.

Lets make us both happy~ 888-479-9225 x 707

I can't wait to meet my new phone partner!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Meeting a stranger ...

So last night my girlfriends convinced me to go out. You have to understand I am a home and hearth girl. I love being home in nothing but my tank top and boy shorts cooking a meal, playing games with my friends or curled up with someone ...

So last night we do our hair, put on makeup, slinky dresses and cfm heels! We were girls on a mission to find some unsuspecting guys and play a little game. You see I have friends who have voyeuristic tendencies and then I have friends who are exhibitionists. I have to admit I tend to fall somewhere in the middle. I mean watching is HOT right? Then again having all eyes on you knowing what you are doing is getting to every person watching ... turning them on, teasing them and making them want you OMG even HOTTER!!

We happen to go down near the water to this crazy new bar that just opened. I know you are thinking what can possibly happen on a Tuesday night but trust me what happened probably sounds like the theme of some porno's. Too bad I have to get dressed now and meet my friends at the beach but later tonight when I get home the juicy details will be flowing ... just like other juices did last night. So come back and tell me what you think ...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

It starts with hello ...

Thats all it really takes ... picking up your phone and saying hello. I can hear it in your voice, that nervous excitement, the way your breath hitches a bit unsure of what to say next. Its what gets my mind working. Makes me want to get to know you, or rather get inside your head. It all starts with hello. I am sure if you are reading this it means you go searching from girl to girl, site to site trying to find that one special girl you can connect with. It happens you get on the phone you think they understand you and then you've blown your load so quickly you can't even remember what she said! Here's where I get you ... I get inside your head ... I understand what drives you to pick up your phone and call me. I love a good challenge. Love knowing that hours later you will still be hearing me in your mind. My words will be replaying themselves in your mind perhaps will with your wife or girlfriend. Your cock helpless really ... feeling it start to strain ... all because you called me. All because you said hello ... Now its time to stop reading and simply pick up your phone and say hello ... let me do the rest. I can make it worth it for both of us. Take a chance call me 888-479-9225 ext 707